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Suits Subaru BRZ ZD8 2022

326mm Front Brake Package

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326mm Two Piece Front Rotors by HFM.Parts

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326mm Rotor Caliper Adaptor (BRZ 2022) by HFM.Parts

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Front Braided Brake Lines by HFM.Parts

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Wilwood Caliper P/N 120-11573

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Wilwood Brake Pads

Brake Master Cylinder Suits: Toyota 86, BRZ

Max Available:


HFM.Parts 326mm Two Piece Front Rotor Package has been specifically assembled for its quality, performance and affordability. HFM.Parts 326mm Two Piece Rotors are visually stunning with an aluminium hat made of aircraft grade T4-2024 aluminium that have been heat-treated for extra strength and longevity. The design allows the rotors to expand & contract with changes in temperature and rotational mass to dissipate heat quickly for optimal performance.
Also included are Wilwood’s Forged Narrow Mount Dynalite Calipers which are some of the strongest calipers in its class. The unique forging process substantially increases resistance to deflection and caliper separation under load, with tests proving it outperforms all existing styles of the popular caliper size. We also have two WIlwood brake pads to choose from so you can further optimise your braking performance for a completely tailored setup. To instal the Wilwood Caliper, you will receive custom HFM.Parts Caliper Adapters which are made of T6-6061 Billet Aluminium with black anodising and stainless steel heli-coils.
The package is then completed with a set of HFM.Parts Braided Brake Lines which are longer than standard OEM lines to compensate for the increase in rotor size. Our lines are assembled locally in Australia using high-quality, UK made stainless steel fittings, stainless steel braided line with a Teflon inner tube and PVC outer for protection. Our lines also comply with all ADR, DOT and TUV specifications.

Diameter 326 mm
Height 53mm
Thickness 30mm
Minimum Thickness 28mm
Centre Hole 58mm
PCD 100mm to 114.3mm
Weight kg/rotor 7.8kg

Black Anodised Hub
Hub Centric Backing
Shoulder Bolts

Please note: Please ensure you follow the correct bedding in procedures and note in some cases the pads may retain noise. For more info, please visit wilwood.com.


Subaru BRZ ZD8

Minimum of 17″ Wheels
326mm Front Rotors
OEM Aluminium Knuckles

In the Box

1x Pair HFM.Parts 326mm Two Piece Rotors
1x Pair HFM.Parts Caliper Adapters
1x Pair Wilwood Calipers (P/N 120-11573)
1x Set of HFM.Parts Front Braided Brake Lines
1x Front Set Wilwood Brake Pads (your compound selection)


*Please note: Calipers come in “Hard Ano Alley” colour as standard.
**Extra sets of brake pads are available for purchase on our website.

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Q. Will this fit my vehicle? A. We have only confirmed fitment for the vehicles mentioned under compatibility. If your vehicle is not listed, then we don't know if it fits. Q. How will I know if this kit will fit/clear my wheels? A. You will need to have a minimum of 17″ rims, however, as there are many different rim offsets available, you can refer to our Wheel Clearance & Offset Diagram in the photo reel above. Q. Does this package suit any other models? A. We have created this package to suits the models listed. We cannot confirm if it will be suitable for other models. Q. How much will my brake performance increase? A. Generally speaking, multi-piston calipers improve your brake performance as more pistons equal more force. More of the brake pad will be pressed against the rotor at multiple points thus creating a more equal force across the brake pad surface. Many other factors can affect your particular vehicles brake performance, such as,  tyre choice, brake pad material, suspension etc. Q. How do I purchase replacement rotors and brake pads when they wear out? A. Our rotors and brake pads are available for purchase directly on our website. Q. Are these rotors directional? A. No, you can install them on either side of your car without affecting performance. Q. My rotors arrived pre-assembled, does that mean I can install them right away? A. Although our rotors arrive pre-assembled, we always recommend checking all of the bolts are tight prior to install. We suggest using a torque wrench with settings at 13 – 15 ft lbs.

Install Guides


Modifying vehicles is a specialist task and requires the knowledge and experience of competent individuals to be conducted safely.
We recommend this product be installed by a competent person. Instructions are given with every order where available, however, If you would like a copy prior to ordering, you're welcome to contact us: Go to Contact Page

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5 Stars
Customer Reviews
5 reviews
    Fitted these on my 22 brz.. very happy with the results. I cooked my projuct mu pads in 2 session at luddenham. With these I was running consistent laps with absolutely no brake fade. And extremely fast shipping
    Massimiliano Cassoni
    Very happy with the kit. High quality adapters and braided lines. Best option for your ZD8! Highly recommended :)
    Well made adapters fit perfectly on the new ZD8 BRZ with Alloy knuckles.
    Purchased this brake set because of their price point. Turns out they’re an amazing set of brakes, improved over stock stopping power by miles. 2 piece rotors are also a nice treat for the calipers. The Wilwood calipers looks great and reduced much weight vs stock. Would recommend.
    Ive been tracking my car for almost 2 years, this kit has seen about 20 track days. Easy to install and even easier to maintain. Before the HFM rotors I was using DBAs that used to warp every 3-4 track days. The two piece rotors have lasted 8 track days so far and have so much more in them. If anyone is thinking about this product, trust me get it. Completely changes the vehicles braking ability, and still to this day never had any brake fade. HFM keep the good quality throughout all their products and looking forward to purchasing more products from them!
    Ben Whitaker
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