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Spend $250+ for Free Shipping
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Increase your cars Performance and Stand Out in the process.

HFM.Parts, an auto parts brand that specialises in Japanese sports car parts with a whole new level of performance and reliability.

@Hakonebrz Blue Subaru BRZ running HFM.Parts
“Fitted these on my 22 brz.. very happy with the results. I cooked my projuct mu pads in 2 session at luddenham. With these I was running consistent laps with absolutely no brake fade. And extremely fast shipping”

– Massimiliano Cassoni
massimocee hakonebrz
@letthegoodtimesroll__ Toyota 86 running HFM.Parts
“I’ve been tracking my car for almost 2 years, this kit has seen about 20 track days. Easy to install and even easier to maintain. Before the HFM rotors, I was using DBAs that used to warp every 3-4 track days. The two-piece rotors have lasted 8 track days so far and have so much more in them.
If anyone is thinking about this product, trust me get it. Completely changes the vehicles braking ability, and still to this day never had any brake fade. HFM keep the good quality throughout all their products and looking forward to purchasing more products from them!”

– Ben Whitaker
@speedzonemotorsports running HFM.Parts
“We run these rotors on our race car without any issues at all. Great fit and the overall finish and quality is second to none.
Would recommend these on any street or race application as an upgrade.
High speed sections leading into very heavy braking zones gave the hfm.parts big brake kit a run for its money, and it performed flawlessly. Zero brake fade and the confidence to brake later and harder is key in watching the lap times drop.”

– Dion Coull
About Us

Our team began working with performance cars as part of a Drift Racing Team with a Nissan Silvia S14. Being part of Drift Racing showed us just how important the parts on your car were to reaching the finish line and giving your best performance.
They needed to be made with good, high-quality materials; they needed to be manufactured to a high standard and the designs needed to be functional and purposeful.

HFM Dot Parts was founded in 2012, right here in Melbourne, Australia, with all of this in mind. We use our own in-house automotive mechanic with 35+ years of experience and one of Melbourne’s top forensic and mechanical engineers when designing our products to ensure they stand up to the task.

Our product catalog is always growing, and our core range is constantly evolving and is innovated year after year. Apart from great products, you receive the best, friendliest customer service & product assistance going around.
When you purchase from us, you support local Australian small businesses. We hope you love our products with as much enthusiasm and energy as we’ve put into them.