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Suits Nissan 370Z

354mm Front Two Piece Rotors

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HFM.Parts Two Piece rotors are designed to be aesthetically pleasing while still offering significant weight savings despite their larger size. Our design allows the rotors to expand & contract with changes in temperature and rotational mass to dissipate heat quickly. The centre hat is a high grade T4-2024 aircraft aluminium that has been strengthened using a heat treating solution. The hat is attached using Conelock nuts and shoulder bolts for increased performance, reliability and longevity.

Diameter 354 mm
Height 49 mm
Thickness 32 mm
Minimum Thickness 30 mm
Centre Hole 68 mm
Stud Holes 5
Weight 11.2kg/rotor

In an attempt to create a lightweight rotor and considering the outer ring is the heaviest component, we’ve enlarged the aluminium centre hat as much as possible so that we could reduce the rotor surface. This means that the centre hat sits quite close to the caliper and during heavy track work has the potential to expand and skim the caliper. We recommend linishing a very small portion of the caliper to accommodate for this. (photo example shown above)

hfmparts rotor
The Rotors

Our rotors are designed to enhance braking performance compared to stock options, offering a more responsive feel which can reduce brake fade during demanding driving.

The key to this improvement is a larger diameter design, which increases the overall surface area for better heat dissipation. This upgrade is particularly attractive as it retains your stock calipers (unless mentioned otherwise), keeping the cost down while providing a noticeable improvement in braking performance.

Internal Structure

Our vane design compliments on both structural integrity and heat dissipation. We’ve positioned our vanes to disrupt airflow across the rotor surface, breaking up the boundary layer of hot air. This turbulence promotes efficient heat transfer which reduces brake fade and ensures the drives has consistent stopping power.

hfm parts rotor veins
hfm parts rotor slot design
Slot Design

Our rotors feature a custom slot design that’s consistent across our entire range, ensuring a uniform look and optimal performance on all fronts. Slots actively channel away heat, debris, and gasses from the braking surface.


Nissan 370Z Z34


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