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Suits Subaru BRZ ZC6, Toyota 86 ZN6 + More

Hub Centric Conversion Billet Wheel Spacers - 5x100 PCD 56.1 Hub to 5x114.3 PCD 66.1 (Pair) - 20mm

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Save money on high-quality performance parts with our scratch and save selection. These products may have minor cosmetic imperfections, such as light scratches, minor blemishes, or slight discoloration. However, they are fully functional and their performance is not affected in any way.
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  • Cosmetic Markings

These spacers have some fitment markings in the stud holes, but are otherwise in working order with all components as per the original product.


For full product fitment and specifications: Click Here to view Original Product


Subaru BRZ ZC6
Subaru Forester (1997 - 2018)
Subaru Impreza (1993 - 2014)
Subaru Legacy (2008 - 2009)
Subaru Outback (1998 - 2014)
Subaru WRX (2000 - 2019)
Subaru XV (2012 - 2017)
Toyota 86 ZN6 (2012-2022)


PCD – 5 x 100mm converts to 5 x 114.3mm
HUB – 56.1mm
OD – 150mm
Bolt Type – M12 x 1.25

In the Box

1x Pair of billet aluminium wheel spacers
Bolts & Studs for fitment


Q. Will this fit my vehicle? A. We have only confirmed fitment for the vehicles mentioned under compatibility. If your vehicle is not listed, then we don't know if it fits. Q. How do I know if these wheel spacers will fit my car? A. These wheel spacers must be matched to your vehicles PCD and Hub. If they are 5 x 100 PCD with a 56.1 Hub, then these will fit. Q. Will these spacers be Hub Centric? A. Yes, they are Hub Centric to suit a 56.1mm hub. Q. Will I need to cut my wheel studs? A. Your rim will need to sit flush with the wheel spacer, If your wheel studs protrude further than the spacer, interfering with the rim, you will need to trim the studs down. Q. What torque settings should I use? A. As per the factory settings, we recommend 89 ft lbs or 120 Nm. If you use a higher setting you risk stripping the stud from the spacer.

Install Guides


Modifying vehicles is a specialist task and requires the knowledge and experience of competent individuals to be conducted safely.
We recommend this product be installed by a competent person. Instructions are given with every order where available, however, If you would like a copy prior to ordering, you're welcome to contact us: Go to Contact Page

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