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Down to the nitty gritty boring but super important information.
This warranty section is part of our Term’s & Condition’s and is displayed on this page for easy reference. By purchasing from us you agree and are bound by our Term’s and Conditions.

Full Term’s & Conditions Available Here: Go to T’s & C’s

Manufacturer’s Warranty:

At HFM Dot Parts we manufacture and sell aftermarket parts. Some of these products supplied by HFM Dot Parts may void your car’s manufacturer’s warranty . It is the responsibility of the customer to check this before fitting any aftermarket performance part. HFM Dot Parts will not be held responsible or accountable in any way for any damage to your car incurred from fitment or aftermarket performance products.

Our Warranty:

All our products come with a limited 12 month warranty which covers any manufacturer’s defects.

If your product is delivered with a defect and/or is unsuitable for use you are to contact our Customer Service team (sales@hfm.parts) and they will help you with a suitable resolution.

Any parts sold from HFM Dot Parts that are used for motor-racing purposes are automatically voided of all warranties.


HFM Dot Parts sells parts that require professional install. We will not warrant parts that have not been installed by a Professional Authorised Mechanic.

Products come with free Phone and Email Support from our licensed mechanics.

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