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Suits Nissan 370Z Z34

350mm Rear Two Piece Rotors (Intro Price)

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HFM.Parts 350mm Two Piece Rotors are visually stunning with an aluminium hat made of aircraft grade T6-7075 aluminium that have been heat treated for extra strength and longevity. The design allows the rotors to expand & contract with changes in temperature and rotational mass to dissipate heat quickly for optimal performance.

Dynamically Balanced
Dynamic Balancing involves using advanced machines to rotate the rotors at speed to ensure the rotor’s weight distribution is even. If any imbalance is detected, the technician will remove small portions of material to re-balance the rotor. This process is crucial, especially for high-performance vehicles, as an imbalance can negatively impact brake performance, causing vibrations, noise and unnecessary wear and tear.

Lighter Than OEM
With the design of these Two Piece rotors, there is a weight saving of almost 2kg between the pair! Less unsprung weight means improved and more responsive acceleration.
*Actual saving of 1.94 kg.

Matching Front Kit: 354mm Front Two Piece Rotors for Nissan 370Z


Nissan 370Z Z34

In the Box

1x Pair of HFM.Parts 350mm Rear Two Piece Rotors


Q. Will this fit my vehicle? A. We have only confirmed fitment for the vehicles mentioned under compatibility. If your vehicle is not listed, then we don't know if it fits. Q. Can I drift using these rotors? A. Unfortunately, no. Aluminium is not suitable for high-friction hand braking, such as during drift racing. If you would like the benefit of lighter rotors such as these but compete in drift events, you may like to look at using a hydraulic caliper system. You can, however, use your parking brake as usual. Q. Are these rotors directional? A. No, you can install them on either side of your car without affecting performance. Q. My rotors arrived pre-assembled. Does that mean I can install them right away? A. Although our rotors arrive pre-assembled, we always recommend checking all of the bolts are tight prior to install. We suggest using a torque wrench with settings at 13 – 15 ft lbs.

Install Guides


Modifying vehicles is a specialist task and requires the knowledge and experience of competent individuals to be conducted safely.
We recommend this product be installed by a competent person. Instructions are given with every order where available, however, If you would like a copy prior to ordering, you're welcome to contact us: Go to Contact Page

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