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350mm Two Piece Rear Brake Upgrade Kit (Suits S/R Chassis utilising 370Z Akebono Calipers)

SKU: R34350AKE-K

  1. Clean and prepare your hub face by removing any surface rust, dirt and debris.
  2. Remove the “backplate tab” using a grinder or any suitable tool. Clean up any sharp edges using a flapper disk or file.
  3. To accommodate the larger rotor, you’ll also need to remove the edge of the backing plate. You can also choose to remove the entire backing plate if you wish. Using a flapper disk or file, clean up any sharp edges.
  4. If you’re choosing to retain as much of the backing plate as possible, like we do, you’ll need to cut out a portion that will interfere with the caliper. From the bottom corner of the backing plate, create a mark that is 70-75mm long, and draw and arch. Cut away this portion.
  5. Insert one of the custom shoulder bolts into the bottom hole of the knuckle and mark the knuckle at 2 and 6 O’clock for the right side or 10 and 6 o’clock for the left side. Then draw around the bolt. We’ll use these marks as a guide to indicate how much of the knuckle will need to be removed to avoid caliper interference.
  6. The depth of the cut will be roughly 6-7mm’s. This process will take a little bit of time, trial and error and multiple test fits, as we’re trying to remove as little material as possible. Remember not to cut into the knuckle where the bolt will sit – this is why we mark around its position.
  7. Once you’ve created your cuts and the rough shape, round off all the edges to create a relatively smooth radius.
  8. Now we can install the caliper adaptor properly using lock-tite and the torque settings: 28 – 38 ft lbs or 38-52 Nm.
  9. Test fit the caliper by inserting one bolt into the bottom bolt hole and swinging it up into position. We’ve already removed the maximum amount of material possible from the knuckle, so any issues with bolt hole clearance will now need to be marked on the caliper for removal.
  10. We’ve created a marked guide on our caliper for removing 15 x 15mm. Similar to the knuckle, this will require some trial and error, so work slowly to ensure you’re taking the least amount of material necessary for fitment and test fit as much as needed.
  11. You’re looking for the bolts to be inserted into position and turned freely by hand.
  12. Lastly, remove the caliper if it’s back on the knuckle, install your rotor, then caliper. Use Lock-tite and the torque settings: 28 – 38 ft lbs or 38-52 Nm.

*If you are uncertain about any part of this kit’s installation, please reach out to us or a trusted, professional and competent person.

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