324mm Front Rotors Suits: R33 GTR, R34 GTR

324mm Front Rotors

Suits: R33 GTR, R34 GTR

(24 customer reviews)

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The HFM.Parts 324mm Rotor comes in single and two-piece configurations; designed as a direct replacement for R33 & R34 GTR and also suited to our 324mm big brake upgrade kits.

The Single Piece Rotors offer a clean, crisp finish and a stunning slot sculpture to complement all HFM.Parts Rear Rotors. The indentations on the rotor surface have a slight curvature to improve cleaning ability and ventilation, paired with a black-painted hub to improve rust resistance and complete the overall look and performance of the rotor.

The Two-Piece Rotors offer a significant weight saving compared to our Single Piece Rotors.
Our design allows the rotors to expand & contract with changes in temperature and rotational mass to dissipate heat quickly.
The centre hat is a high-grade T4-2024 aircraft aluminium that has been strengthened using a heat-treating solution.

 Single Piece Rotors  Two Piece Rotors
Rotor Dimensions:
Diameter 324mm 324mm
Height 53.8mm 53.8
Thickness 30mm 30mm
Minimum Thickness 28mm 28mm
Center Hole 68mm 68mm
Stud Holes 5 5
Weight 8.9KG / Rotor 7.4KG / Rotor
 Rust-Resistant Painted hub Black Anodised Hub
 – Hub Centric Backing
 – Conelock Nuts

Product Fitment & Requirements

Nissan Skyline R33 GTR
Nissan Skyline R34 GTR


Minimum of 17″ Wheels

Whats in the Box

 Single Piece Rotors  Two Piece Rotors
Includes: 1x Pair of Single Piece Rotors 1x Pair of Two Piece Rotors


Q. Are these rotors directional? A. No, you can install them on either side of your car without affecting performance.

Installation Guides & Disclaimer


Modifying vehicles is a specialist task and requires the knowledge and experience of competent individuals to be conducted safely.
We recommend this product be installed by a competent person. Instructions are given with every order where available, however, If you would like a copy prior to ordering, you're welcome to contact us: Go to Contact Page

Customer Reviews

24 reviews for 324mm Front Rotors Suits: R33 GTR, R34 GTR

  1. Avatar of Kevin ho

    Kevin ho (verified owner)

    Worked great but should supply another set of washers, ran into slight clearance issues. Had to stack the older ones to provide just enough clearance

  2. Avatar of Damien

    Damien (verified owner)

    Easy install works perfectly on my track car

  3. Avatar of Anonymous


    Great quality, super light and actual bolt on fitment. Great budget upgrade for a street car!

  4. Avatar of Stuart Jackson

    Stuart Jackson (verified owner)

    Very nicely made up kit, my only issue was being 2 flat washers short in the sealed bag “no biggy had some spares in my garage” and the pre assembled 2 piece rotors bots not being anywhere close to the recommended torque specs of 13-15 ft lbs so make sure you checked them! Paired this kit with a new set of Project Mu HC800s and have only had time to do the bed in process so far. But everything feels great. Can’t wait to see how they go at my next time attack day.

  5. Avatar of Brett Noakes

    Brett Noakes (verified owner)

    Awesome upgrade and still retaining stock calipers. Combined with the rear brake upgrade and HFM BM57 master cylinder. Great long lasting stopping power we have street and track tested this combo with great results. Its totally transformed the car.

    Great after sales service cheap as and fast shipping.

    Thanks to HFM Dot Parts for the killa and ultra simple upgrades keep up the great work from the team at Noakie Spec Racing

  6. Avatar of Brett Noakes

    Brett Noakes (verified owner)

    Awesome kit i have great results form street and track testing. Great price. Has totally transformed the car with combining the rear upgrade and hfm bm57 master.

    Plenty of after sales support and fast shipping.

    Thanks to HFM. Parts from the Team at
    Noakie Spec Racing
    Keep up the killa work.

  7. Avatar of Luke Fowler

    Luke Fowler (verified owner)

    Very quick shipping during pandemic. Allowed me to install straight away

  8. Avatar of MATTHEW craig

    MATTHEW craig (verified owner)

    Very simple to install would highly recommend these parts for your silvia

  9. Avatar of Andrew Clifton

    Andrew Clifton (verified owner)

    Great quality and fitment, super fast postage. Very happy

  10. Avatar of Austin Mason

    Austin Mason (verified owner)

    Super stoked with this rotor kit, easy install and braking performance is noticeably better. Plus they look awesome!

  11. Avatar of Dion Coulls

    Dion Coulls (verified owner)

    We run these rotors on our race car without any issues at all. Great fit and the overall finish and quality is second to none.

    Would recommend these on any street or race application as an upgrade.

  12. Avatar of Dion Coulls

    Dion Coulls (verified owner)

    A true bolt on product. It is a perfect fit and super simple to install. The finish and overall quality of the product is 10/10.

  13. Avatar of Brent Gregory

    Brent Gregory (verified owner)

    Everything bolted up just how the instructions guided. Great fitment and easy to install. The only downside is I couldn’t justify ordering the whole kit with rotors due to the shipping being high. This should be marketed more in the US since no one is doing it here. 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking into a rotor upgrade on their car. Top marks for this company!

  14. Avatar of Steve

    Steve (verified owner)

    Opting to keep my 17″ wheels, this upgrade was the perfect choice. For a car that endures regular light track work and spirited driving this kit is ideal. The stock brakes are more than capable of pulling up my – and arguably most – 32 GTR, however they suffer and fade from consistent use. These rotors now provide less brake fade due to the larger 2-piece rotor dissipating heat more efficiently and effectively.

    The unboxing was great, all the parts came clearly separated allowing for an easy install and the rotors came assembled which was superb.
    The install felt tedious, though this was due to me constantly test-fitting the adaptor as I shaved the knuckle – trying to shave as little as possible. The install video was an excellent guide and helpful with torque settings too!
    This was a no brainer for my application. The rotors are about 1kg lighter than the stock 296mm equivalent which is 1 less kilogram of unsprung weight either side which is a great improvement. They are also very aesthetically pleasing.

    Greater braking endurance, reduction in unsprung weight, extremely cost effective compared to going a true BBK. This is an excellent upgrade for anyone wanting to retain the stock caliper but wants to enhance performance. After considering the other options (Evo Brembos, R33/34 and even R35 GTR Brembos and Endless/Project Mu), this came out on top.
    Great piece of gear HFM, keep up the great work!

    These brakes fit under R33 GTR Wheels, 17×9 +22 Advan SA3R’s and 17×9 +22 Sparco Crimson.

  15. Avatar of Adrian Oliver

    Adrian Oliver (verified owner)

    Very good to deal with

  16. Avatar of Rodney petrovic

    Rodney petrovic (verified owner)

    Very good would go through them again

  17. Avatar of garry stanton

    garry stanton (verified owner)

    yeah great install havent used them yet but sure they will be great

  18. Avatar of Riley McConaughey

    Riley McConaughey (verified owner)

    Hfm.parts has done it again with their excellent customer service! And quality of product. Thank you

  19. Avatar of Shaun Ewing

    Shaun Ewing (verified owner)

    Overall an easy install, everything works great and looks fantastic!

  20. Avatar of Stephen Henley

    Stephen Henley (verified owner)

    Excellent service, fast freight time, will most definitely use again.

  21. Avatar of Alan U.

    Alan U. (verified owner)

    Very nice product, fitted perfectly

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