324mm Two Piece Front Brake Upgrade Kit

Suits: S14, S15, R33 GTS-T (Running R33 GTS-T Calipers)

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324mm Front Rotor Kit

We have made a very simple big brake upgrade kit that increases your existing rotor size from 296mm to a noticeable 324mm.
This means, better heat disbursement and better braking for your S14, S15 or R33 GTS-T.
The way we achieve this is by using our own custom designed and developed adapter set enabling you to use your OEM caliper making this a very affordable big brake upgrade kit.


1 Pair of 324mm Two Piece Rotors
1 Pair of Caliper Adapters
High Tensile Nuts & Bolts for Fitment


(Optional) To get the most out of this kit we recommend you replace the standard brake pads with DB1346 or equivalent brake pads.


Diameter 324 mm
Height 53.8 mm
Thickness 30 mm
Minimum Thickness 28 mm
Centre Hole 68 mm
Stud Holes 5


We stand by our products. You can purchase replacement 324mm rotors without the adapters for a great price, ready when you need them.

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