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Suits HFM.Parts 324mm, 326mm & 354mm Rotors

Replacement Front Two Piece Rotor Outers (No Hats)

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Replacement Bolt Kit (See FAQ)

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Our HFM.Parts Front Two-Piece Rotors offer an affordable solution for replacing worn-out parts. The original aluminium hat can be retained, and only the outer rotor ring needs to be replaced, making it a cost-effective option. If you are unsure of which replacement rotor you require, please reach out to our support staff.

*Image is for reference only to show the outer rotor ring on its own.

Please choose the replacement rotors depending on which rotors you originally purchased. Original links and SKUs are provided below to assist.
1 – 326mm Subaru (SKU: HFM-TOYO-0002) Superseded
2 – 326mm Subaru (SKU: 2P3265220R)
3 – 354mm 370Z (SKU: Z3544932)
4 – 354mm R33 GTR (SKU: GTR3545330)
5 – 324mm 350Z Z33, V35 (SKU: HFM-ROT-324-350)
6 – 324mm R33 GTR, R34 GTR (SKU: HFM-NISS-BRK-00017)

*Please see FAQ for information regarding the additional bolt kit.


Nissan 350Z Z33
Nissan 370Z Z34
Nissan Skyline R33 GTR
Nissan Skyline R34 GTR
Nissan Skyline V35 (2002-2009)
Subaru BRZ ZC6
Subaru Forester (1997 - 2018)
Subaru Impreza (1993 - 2014)
Subaru Legacy (2008 - 2009)
Subaru Liberty (2007 - 2008)
Subaru Outback (1998 - 2014)
Subaru WRX (2000 - 2019)
Subaru XV (2012 - 2017)
Toyota 86 ZN6 (2012-2022)


You must already have the matching Aluminium Hat which is provided with all full sets. If you’re unsure what you need, please refer to the SKU of the original rotors you purchased.

In the Box

1x Pair HFM.Parts Replacement Rotors (Your Size/Model Selection)
*This is a replacement set only: NO aluminium hats, bolts or hardware is included.


Q. Will this fit my vehicle? A. We have only confirmed fitment for the vehicles mentioned under compatibility. If your vehicle is not listed, then we don't know if it fits. Q. What do I do if I don’t have an aluminium hat? A. You must first purchase a full set of rotors with aluminium hats. Once you have a full set, you can discard your rotors as required and retain the aluminium hats to be used with these replacement rotors. Q. Do I need to purchase the bolt kit? A. The bolt kit option is currently offered for 326mm (SKU: HFM-TOYO-0002) Superseded, 324mm R33 GTR, R34 GTR (SKU: HFM-NISS-BRK-00017) & 324mm 350Z Z33, V35 (SKU: HFM-ROT-324-350) as these products are still using Cap-Head Bolts and are best to be changed when replacing the outer rotor rings. We are currently transitioning to “Shoulder Bolts” which can be retained when replacing the rotor outer ring. Shoulder Bolts are currently available on 326mm (SKU: 2P3265220R), 354mm 370Z (SKU: Z3544932), 354mm 370Z (SKU: Z3544932) & 354mm R33 GTR (SKU: GTR3545330). Q. I bought a HFM.Parts brake upgrade kit, how do I know what replacement rotor I need? A.  When purchasing upgrade kits or packages, each included item is listed on your invoice/order; you can use this SKU to confirm which rotor you had and, therefore, which replacement rotor you will need.

Install Guides


Modifying vehicles is a specialist task and requires the knowledge and experience of competent individuals to be conducted safely.
We recommend this product be installed by a competent person. Instructions are given with every order where available, however, If you would like a copy prior to ordering, you're welcome to contact us: Go to Contact Page

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4.96 Stars
Customer Reviews
27 reviews
    Opting to keep my 17" wheels, this upgrade was the perfect choice. For a car that endures regular light track work and spirited driving this kit is ideal. The stock brakes are more than capable of pulling up my - and arguably most - 32 GTR, however they suffer and fade from consistent use. These rotors now provide less brake fade due to the larger 2-piece rotor dissipating heat more efficiently and effectively. The unboxing was great, all the parts came clearly separated allowing for an easy install and the rotors came assembled which was superb. The install felt tedious, though this was due to me constantly test-fitting the adaptor as I shaved the knuckle - trying to shave as little as possible. The install video was an excellent guide and helpful with torque settings too! This was a no brainer for my application. The rotors are about 1kg lighter than the stock 296mm equivalent which is 1 less kilogram of unsprung weight either side which is a great improvement. They are also very aesthetically pleasing. Greater braking endurance, reduction in unsprung weight, extremely cost effective compared to going a true BBK. This is an excellent upgrade for anyone wanting to retain the stock caliper but wants to enhance performance. After considering the other options (Evo Brembos, R33/34 and even R35 GTR Brembos and Endless/Project Mu), this came out on top. Great piece of gear HFM, keep up the great work! These brakes fit under R33 GTR Wheels, 17x9 +22 Advan SA3R's and 17x9 +22 Sparco Crimson.
    very good and great repsonse times, product feels good
    Andrew Finn
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