326mm Replacement Two Piece Rotors (No Hats)

Suits: HFM.Parts 326mm Two Piece Rotors

326mm Replacement Two Piece Rotors (No Hats)

326mm Replacement Two Piece Rotors (No Hats)

Suits: HFM.Parts 326mm Two Piece Rotors

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HFM.Parts 326mm Front Rotors are designed to be affordably replaced as you can retain your original aluminium hat and simply replace the rotor once it’s worn out.

*Contact us if you are unsure about which replacement rotors you require.

In an attempt to create a lightweight rotor and considering the outer ring is the heaviest component, we’ve enlarged the aluminium centre hat as much as possible so that we could reduce the rotor surface. This means that the centre hat sits quite close to the brake pad. We recommend linishing a very small portion of the brake pad to accommodate for this. (photo example shown above)




Suits HFM.Parts 326mm Rotor Aluminium Hats


HFM.Parts 326mm Rotor Aluminium Hats
(Hats are provided with HFM.Parts 326mm Rotors Only)

Whats in the Box

1x Pair HFM.Parts 326mm Two Piece Rotors
*This is a replacement set only: NO aluminium hats, bolts or hardware is included.

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Q. What do I do if I don’t have an aluminium hat?
A. You will need to first purchase a full set of 326mm rotors with aluminium hats. Once you have a full set, you can discard your rotors as required and retain the aluminium hats to be used with these replacement rotors.

Q. Does linishing the brake pad reduce the rotors performance?
A. No. You’ll only need to linish ~1-2mm of brake pad/pad backing plate. Because the contact surface is virtually the same and we’ve reduced the rotors weight in doing so, you will have the same braking performance.


Modifying vehicles is a specialist task and requires the knowledge and experience of competent individuals to be conducted safely.
We recommend this product be installed by a competent person. Instructions are given with every order where available, however, If you would like a copy prior to ordering, you're welcome to contact us: Go to Contact Page

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  • 326mm Two Piece Front Rotors

    Suits: Subaru BRZ ZC6 + WRX, Impreza, Forester, Legacy, Liberty
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