HFM Nissan Rack & Pinion Solid Mount Kit Installation Help Guide

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    HFM Nissan Rack & Pinion Solid Mount Kit Installation

    While our Rack & Pinion kit fits well for most, there are some models that may have a 45mm OD diameter rack. For these models, you will need to file 1mm from both half moon cups to achieve the correct fitment as per the photo below.

    The image below shows the optimum installation of the left hand side Rack & Pinion Solid Mount kit.

    rack and pinion

    The right hand side is distinguishable by the V shaped bush and is accompanied by the Grooved bush. Be sure to use the 2 spring washers supplied, installing 1 spring washer on either side of the rack clamp.


    Our instructions are designed to assist, not to teach. Our products should only be installed by a licensed mechanic or an experienced and competent person. Application and suitability for a particular use are the responsibility of the purchaser.

    For more help, please email sales@hfm.parts
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