324mm R32 GTR Caliper Adapter Installation Guide

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    324mm R32 GTR Caliper Adapter Installation Guide

    To begin, determine the left and right hand side adapters.
    They are marked as follows: HFMGTR32/RH or HFMGTR32/LH

    2. Remove the Rotor and Caliper.

    3. Grind or linish a small portion of the grinded area of the knuckle until the bottom bolt hole of the adapter lines up. Place the adapter over the bolt hole and push through the Hex Head Bolt to check the alignment is correct.

    IMG_1005 (Medium)

    4. For the Rotor to fit properly, you may need to remove or modify the backing plate. This step is personal preference and can be done as is appropriate to you. If you’re unsure, consult with a mechanic.

    5. Position the Caliper Adapter on the inside of the knuckle, as shown in the images below and install using the 2x OEM Hex Head Bolts first with the supplied Nylock Nuts. Then Torque to the manufacturers specification.


    6. Return the Rotor to the hub.

    7. Refit the Caliper to the adapter using the 2x supplied black Hex Head Bolts. Then Torque to the manufacturers specification.

    8. Repeat this procedure for both sides and you’re done.

    Step 7 a (Medium)


    Our instructions are designed to assist, not to teach. Our products should only be installed by a licensed mechanic or an experienced and competent person. Application and suitability for a particular use are the responsibility of the purchaser.
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