Clutch Slave Cylinder Fitment Test

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    Clutch Slave Cylinder Fitment Test

    A quick fitment test ensures you that this product is correctly fitted and minimizes the chances of it breaking from ill fitment.

    1- Test fit the clutch slave cylinder (CSC) by holding it against the bell housing BEFORE fitting/bolting in.
    2- If the bell housing is touching the slave cylinder them pressure from fitment may cause the clutch slave cylinder to break/crack. This is not a fault and is due to the manufacturing procedure of bell housing’s. As they are made from a cast, some models may have more material that others. this is easily fixed though.
    3- To solve this, slip in 2x 1mm washers behind the CSC in order to bring it away from the bell housing so that they aren’t touching. Remember, allowing them to touch will most likely cause the CSC to break/crack.

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