Brake Master Cylinder Installation Help Guide (BM57)

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    Brake Master Cylinder Installation Help Guide (BM57)

    BM57 Push Rod GraphicThis image shows where the foot pedal’s free play comes from. It is absolutely necessary that there be some amount of clearance, otherwise the seals may be pushed forward enough to prevent the intake/return ports from opening up again to allow excess pressure to vent to the reservoir.

    We recommend to start off with 5mm clearance and then adjust the booster push rod.
    Too little clearance may cause the brakes to lock on slowly as you drive. Too much clearance will make your pedal feel soft, with excessive travel.

    The intake/return ports are less than a millimeter in diameter, and the seal lips sit immediately behind them, so it doesn’t take much of a miss adjustment to close off the ports, even partially.

    “Always bench bleed your brake master first and remember; Nothing you do at the pedal affects clearances inside the master cylinder body until the push rod starts to push the seal assemblies forward.” – Mechanics Note


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