Complaints Busted #5 - GPS Signal Issue 1

Complaint #5 – GPS Signal Issue

In short. The location of the GPS antenna is pretty bad. It causes your GPS (If your model came with one) to lose signal in built up areas such as the city where you may need it the most. Lets face it Melbourne can get pretty confusing if your not used to city driving and it’s probably one of the most important areas where a GPS would come in handy; as well as probably out in Woop Woop!

So if you add in a few sky rises, bad antenna positioning and cloud cover, you’re really not going to get any good signal, if you get any at all.
Again, newer models may have fixed this issue but if you’re having trouble with your GPS signal here’s a really good post on how to relocate the antenna for better signal straight from an 86 owner. – Fixing GPS Issues

Has this issue been fixed in new models? Have a better fix? Great! Let us know![/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

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