Project 86 1

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The beast has arrived.
2014 Toyota 86 GT Coupe, 6 Speed Manual. For those who don’t know, standard it also has a 4-cylinder petrol aspirated 2.0L boxter engine.
So yea, It’s a pretty sweet ride.

On first impressions it’s a super stylish , aerodynamic sports car and It’s not hard to see why so many people are sup-ing them up and turning them into a force to be reckoned with, as a track car. Many people choosing the Toyota 86 Racing Series (T86RS) as their poison of choice which is held in conjunction with selected rounds of the V8 Supercars with official permission by the Confederation of Australia Motor Sport, or CAMS. A definite race to attend for 86 fans.

Yeh you can super charge them, carbon fiber them, chrome them and even re-fabricate them but no matter how you change yours, the beast will always live within!


If your a fan of the car, skip this section because there are actually people who have complaints about the car. Crazy Right? Here's a compilation of complaints from 86 owners I found through forum trolling in order from most complained about to least.

  1. Stiff Suspension
  2. Rough Idling/Stalling
  3. General rattling sounds – some say are from the fuel pump
  4. TPMS sensor light appearing on dash
  5. GPS signal issue in built up/city areas
  6. Average radio sound quality

Believe it or not, all of these complaints have been busted! Of which I am ecstatic about. More on these complaint fixes later…

On that note, lets have a look at what we’re dealing with…

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At a glance, the damage is all cosmetic and actually has a pretty decent interior.
It arrived to us with a pretty shabby RED bumper bar, cracked windscreen, popped airbag and only 3 rims but did I mention, It drives? Yep, that's right. All this car missing and it still purrs when you turn the ignition. I'm not an engineer or anything but I think that's generally a good sign. We have definitely been lucky on this one but is our luck about to run out?

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Time to get it on the hoist for further scrutiny.

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