Thats right, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you!

Our pride & joy is helping our customers save money and what better way to do so, than to simply ask our customers to make us an offer?

What can you spend? What would you like to spend? What price do you think is fair? YOU decide!

The brilliance of this idea is all in the thrill of bargaining for the product you want. Who says you can’t pay less for your cars parts?!

Heres how its done:

Step 1. Click on any product on the make an offer page
Step 2. Click the “Throw me an Offer” button on the Products Page (just under Add to Cart)
Step 3. Type in your offer
Then, If successful…
Step 4. You’ll receive an email with instructions on how to receive your discount.

By making us an offer, you have the potential to save over $50 on the original price! Thats huge savings to you! We may even throw in a HFM sticker if you’re lucky 😉

Make An Offer Page

Some products you may see in the Make An Offer section are:
Our ever popular Rotor Kits
Federal 595 Tyres New to HFM
The Organic Heavy Duty Street Clutch

hfm-fed-tyres copy 300rotorkit


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